Well this past weekend has been a little different, we decided to book a last minute trip to get away from it all and decided a nice trip to the coast would be lovely.   So trawling through the internet, I managed to find a family room in Barmouth on what was a valentines weekend.  Even though the weather hasn't been the best lately we thought it would be a bit of an adventure, but maybe we should of thought things through a bit more.  On arrival we found that the poor town had taken a bit of a beating from the sea and that most of the town was closed and doorways were blocked up by sandbags.  But right in the middle we found a pub, that although it had been flooded 2 days previous, it had the most jolliest staff behind the bar and such a great atmosphere.  The hotel we stayed at too was lovely, and didn't even seem to batter an eyelid, as I turned up for a beautiful three course meal in my trainers and joggers (my travel gear) as I'd forgotten my shoes, amongst the other very well dressed diners, enjoying their valentines evening, it was quite embarrassing. It does seem though everything stops tourist wise in February, everything we tried to do was closed till easter, which with it being very wet and cold doesn't leave you much else to do with a little one.  But the one thing we did find open was Portmeirion, which surprisingly the sun came out and the clouds disappeared for.  The place itself gave me great inspiration for the cuckoo clock project, and I got quite snap happy, although my shots didn't come out brilliantly.