the wriggler...

Best Part of the day - having first scan and seeing a very wriggly baby, worst part - walking into the back room and seeing smoke!!!

Well I think the above gives an idea to why there has been a lack of posts for a while, I never knew that pregnancy could make you so tired and lethargic, I haven't had the energy to do much at all, apart from eat (which I have been doing a lot of). Before going for the scan I was so nervous, but all was well and I couldn't help but get a bit emotional, to see a little bean that wouldn't keep still long enough to have its measurements taken. It was waving it's arms and legs, and doing spins, I'm sure it was trying to say 'hi Mum and Dad look at Me'.

The smoke part of the day was due to leaving logs by the log burner to dry out, which then got so hot they caught fire, thank god the smoke alarm alerted me quick enough to do something about it. Phew!